Just a few of the many reasons why you should use a Solicitor for all your conveyancing needs:

Parties often have disclosure requirements that they may not be aware of, such as safety switches,  pool compliance, sustainability declarations, water licences and many more.

 You need someone to protect your rights if extensions are required or delays encountered.

We liaise with Agents, Financiers, Mortgagees and other Solicitors to protect our clients.

 Parties can be liable for damages if they do not comply with time frames and disclosure requirements.

Discount conveyancing firms offer a simple service which can overlook your particular needs.


Cottage Conveyancing

Buying a home is often the biggest purchase you will make in your life so it does not pay to cut corners.  Our skilled, experienced staff offer complete personalised services - whether you are a buyer or a seller - to ensure compliance and protect your interests.


Very competitive rates


 Free Contract perusal and advice if we are listed as your Solicitor on the Contract


 Custom Property Searches dependant on your needs


 Advice on available Stamp Duty Concessions

Commercial Properties


We act for Purchasers or Sellers


 Liaison with your Accountant to ensure GST issues are dealt with correctly.  Incorrect clauses can lead to significant costs if not attended to at the appropriate time.


 Water Licenses


 Access to Town Planning and other speciality Consultants

Business Contracts

Access to a range of consultants for specialised matters.

Full advisory service including:


Liquor and Gaming Regulations


 Footpath and Signage Permits


 Food Permits


 Business Names


 Leasing Advices


We have experienced, knowledgable staff on hand to provide advice on tenancy and lease issues, including:


Lease perusal


 Amendments to Leases


 Disclosure requirements


 Consent Issues


 Assignment of Leases

We keep abreast of all legislation changes to ensure we represent you in a way to maximise profits and minimise risks.